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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Photography is Healthy

I'm an amature photographer who is hooked on nature Photography. I started photography when I received a 20 year service gift (Canon Power shot 400 Point and shoot camera) from the place that I worked at(Northrup Grumman Newport News Shipyard) before I got hurt as a welder. I really wasn't a serious photographer at 1st but carried my camera on my many walks to recover from several spine surgeries. I started to see and take pictures of things that I thought were cool and posted them to my Facebook page and received a lot of great comments. My friends and family enjoyed the pictures that I took so it gave me a since of self worth that I was missing from not being able to work,play golf,tennis, and other hobbies due my permanent injuries. I was really lost by not being able to do all these things plus my wife left after 20 years of marriage. I also had to sale my house. So I lost my Job,wife,house, and many other things. When you lose these valuable things in life you also lose self worth. Photography was the answer to my woes. It not only gave me self worth it also gave me my life back. It motivated me to get out of the house and see the world in detail. Photography also was my therapy,all types. It was my Physical by giving me the exercise and mentally put me into another world of peace and serenity. My youngest son is also is into Photography so we get to spend a lot of time doing what we love to do. We belong to a photo group that goes on different photo walks and I have made a lot of new friends. My urge to blog came about a couple of weeks ago when a friend of mine from school asked if she could use some of my photo's to go along with her awesome blog. C has some serious writing skills. I thought it was a great creative outlet. The thing is I have very little writing experience so this is going to be a challenge that I hope will get my brain working. The Camera that I use now is a EOS Canon Rebel T1i and think that you will enjoy my pictures better than my writing :^).